Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sleepless nights time and time again!!!

Sleeping doesn’t come easy for me. EVER. Since the time I was in jr high this has been a complete and TERRIBLE event. Just the words, “Goin’ to bed! G’nite” just makes me roll my eyes.

I admire those that are able to get into bed, close their eyes and WHAMMO…..they are asleep. How the FUCK do I get into club?

Last night was a struggle for me….AGAIN….and I am just sick and tired of not being able to fall asleep.

I have done all my homework on the subject of sleep. I have done the ‘extra’s’ one should do to prepare for sleep. From making myself go to bed earlier, not eating after 7pm, NO caffeine …EVER, listening to calming sounds while trying to sleep, and good ole fashioned drugs…ambien to be exact. (Lunesta didn’t do CRAP for me!). My most recent attempt was getting a consult with an herbalist. She was very sweet and really knew her stuff. I got some teas, and some herbal pills that are supposed to naturally help your system fall into sleep. Now then, the stuff she suggested I use for stress, really works! There are these drops you put under your tongue and they really do calm anxiety. But, once again, I have struck out on the ‘cure all’ to my sleep problem.

I have completely changed my eating habits since the new year. I am trying to become more healthy. I thought that by doing that, it would help a little. And it HASN’T!! I just sometimes want to scream as loud as possible until I haven’t the energy to go and I just pass out! Lol!!! One can dream, I suppose!

Tonight, I have taken an ambien. I caved. I need sleep and I need help getting there.

If there are thoughts anyone that read this have, please share with me!!! I would be so happy to hear anything new!!!!

Tata for the night!!!

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