Thursday, March 3, 2011


there are times in my life i want to just get words to paper. they may not make sense to anyone , then again, they could change the world. Highly doubtful on the latter however...
I see things that need to be changed on day to day basis. With people and how they communicate w each other. Some have ideas and when that idea is presented, it is usually shot to hell before anyone can actually see or experience the idea. What I'd like to see is a safe forum for people to present ideas for making life a lot simpler. The ideas are out there. It's tracking down those that are able to commit to doing this type of process with me. And once all of the processes are tracked down and we have sets of process rules with applications of the processes and such, then we expand to something larger. I have ideas on ways things could be better flowing thru my veins on a daily basis. I know my friends do too. The idea has to be to get this out there and find those that are willing to.
Again, this could be just a rambling of nothingness.... but we'll see.

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