Thursday, March 3, 2011

what i know....for sure March 3

What I know for sure... that I'm glad I'm finally feeling like my old self again.
...that being sick sucks ass.
...when i think of Henry my heart skips a beat.
...that you shouldn't give in to your cravings when you are on the verge of throwing up.
...that no matter how much you've slept while being sick, you still need more.
...that spring is coming and it's so nice to have the windows open in the house.
... that gas prices are rising for no damn reason.
...that i cannot wait to have Henry's arms around me again.
...that i wish i still looked as young as I sometimes feel when i look in the mirror.
...I'm excited my show Big Bang Theory comes on tonight!
...that I'm hoping I'll be spending most of my weekend with the man I love.

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