Wednesday, February 2, 2011

night time dvds

Those that know me, know I love DVD's. I have quite a few of them. During my last move I was able to ween out a few that I didn't feel I needed anymore. And among my collection are a few TV series that I love or have loved. For me, I don't just want to own one or two seasons. If I'm going to buy one... I'll buy them all. Now I know a lot of people buy these series and perhaps will watch a few of them a couple times, and then it gets put in the cabinet. I actually enjoy rewatching a few series; hence the reason I own them. Another thing I won't do is start in the middle of a season. If I'm going to watch a series, I pop in Season One, and will watch until the end of the series, or all that I have if the series is still running on air.

About 2 weeks ago I put in Sex and the City. It had been a while since I had seen it. As I was watching it every night, I was reminded how funny that show really was. It kept me entertained. I think this has to be the third or forth time I've seen it all the way through. And each time I find other little odds and ends that make me smile. I finished today, while iced in, the final of Season 6. I loved it. However, I didn't want to ruin it with the follow up movies, so I opted out of that. (for now)

Tonight I have started with Season One of one of my ALL time favorite TV shows. ALIAS, with Jennifer Garner. I can't even begin to know how many times I've seen this series. The show had so many layers that every time I see it I pick up on something I missed the other few times. I think I love this show so much because deep down inside I've always thought it would be one of the most fascinating jobs in the world to work for the CIA. BUT..... instead, I get to watch this show! :)

Well, that enough of my ramble for the evening..... See y'all in DVD land!

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