Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow's coming.... for sure.

What I know for sure on this Tuesday are the following:

...I missed taco Tuesday

...that even though I felt like Cinderella pre-Prince Charming this morning, I know that I have a Prince that loves me named Henry.

...that the older I get, the more I definitely see the roll reversal in the parent/child relationship

...I had a moment today when I looked at my puppy Hannahbelle's photo and teared up. Sometimes I miss her so damn much it hurts.

...that I find it a little stimulating organizing and cutting out coupons, then using them to save money whilst grocery shopping.

...when I talk to Henry, actually HEAR his voice, it makes my heart jump. And I LOVE that feeling.

...I make the fluffiest pancakes in all the land! :)

...that I've been quite content with being alone when I go to sleep for a very long time, but since I've met Henry, it's terribly painful and lonely getting in bed by myself. much as I love the snow, I'm a little sad that snow is coming yet again tomorrow morning and I won't be in Henry's arms.

...that I love Nilla waffers. NOT the Vanilla ones that Keebler makes.. the NILLA ones. By Nabisco.

...that with every day that passes, I fall in love a little bit deeper with the man I know is my soulmate.

...even thought I've seen Alias a zillion times, when I rewatch it, I see and/or hear things I don't remember seeing before. JJ Abrams is kinda cool like that.

..that I was right about Henry reminding me that I needed to follow through with my nightly blogs...

...I'm worried I won't get everthing I want to get done by Valentine's Day. many times as Henry says he's going to comment on my blogs, he never really does. *sigh*

...that I hope when I fall asleep tonight I get to see a lillie.


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