Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what i know ... for sure.

I think I'm going to start trying a WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE blog each night before I go to sleep... Little things I may have noticed throughout my day... things I know... for sure. :) We'll see how long I can keep it up.

So for Monday, these are the things I know .... for sure.

...that fields and empty lots look a lot prettier when they have fresh snow on the as opposed to melting snow and a wet muddy icky mess.

...that using q-tips feels incredible

...that I love being in love.

...that I think I'm eating something that is giving me hives quite frequently and I'm in the early stages of suspect, but I think it might be tomatoes. *sigh*

...that I don't like the fact that it's becoming increasingly difficult to read without my reading glasses *pouts*

...that I want to be happy with Henry for a very long time.

...that I really need a new laptop because this one is really spacing out on me lately and it's very frustrating.

... that I need to find a better pie crust recipe

...that my slight addiction to coupons became a little obsessive looking for a new way to organize them. So much so, I went to WalMart at 9pm to look for inserts for a 3ring binder (i didn't find what I was looking for by the way!)

... that I'm sure Henry will, from now on, remind me that I said I would try to do this daily. Because from now on when he wakes up, I'm sure he'll be looking for this.

and last for today... I know for sure that Henry loves me.

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