Sunday, January 16, 2011


I believe we walk around this planet and find our way to those that connect to us. It starts with our connection as children. We find friends that we bond with, and some of those bonds last a lifetime.

I have been lucky enough to have a couple of those bonds. I have some friends that I have recently reconnected with that I have known since grade school. And just because we haven't been in each others lives in years, once we started talking, it was like we had never been apart.

I have also had the good fortune to have returned to the lives of several friends from high school. It's amazing that some bonds never get broken, no matter what has happened in our lives, what paths we have all chosen, we are still part of each others inner circle. We still care and we will always be there. And our connection with each of us will never be broken.

As adults I have found it more difficult to connect with people at times. I know the instant I meet someone if I will have a connection with them or not. Once and a while, it surprises me who I bond with or who I connect with, but that is what makes life so interesting. And it certainly makes life a lot of fun!!

I had a long discussion with a friend I have only had in my life for about 3 years the other night and we were talking about this very subject. We understand that some connections are going to be stronger than others, some bonds will never be broken. The moment we met, we knew we would be lifelong friends. We would always be able to count on one another. There was an immediate connection, and we both knew it.

I have a bond with my best friend. There are no judgements, there is just understanding and compassion. There is laughter and fits of pure joy. This, I am blessed to have, this connection is rare and I cherish it and I thank God for it every day!

Then there are connections that really make you stop and think. Connections with people you thought you would never have. When someone can connect with you on such a level that even you don't understand. When someone can understand you, can understand what is going through your head and your heart... that is the connection we all look for. Most never find it. but if you are lucky enough to locate it, embrace it. No matter what obstacles lay before you, you have to acknowledge it and you h ave to let it in. You have to accept that God has placed someone in your life for a reason. It may not make any sense, and it may confuse the living hell out of you, but that is okay. Having someone completely turn your life upside down can be a wonderful thing. It's a connection, a bond, and it will be a bond that will never be broken.

I will always be on the look out for new connections, but I will always hold close to my heart those that have already been made. I pray that they will remain strong and I give thanks for them every night as I rest my head.

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