Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sickly ickly..

Let me tell ya something, I've had fun before, and this AIN'T it!! My day started out with my body waking me up from a sound slumber with one thing on its agenda.... purge all that was inside of me. I threw back the covers and ran for the bathroom.... and there I stayed for about a half an hour. I wasn't even aware I had that much in me to throw up, but evidently, I did. I was in a cloud of nausea with a headache and chills running all over my body. I was weak and didn't want to stand up, but I forced myself to. I went to my parents room and stood by my Mom. When i woke her I asked through my tears, if I could have a couple of her pills for nausea/vomiting. She said of course. So I carefully sipped water to take two of them, praying they'd stay down. I retrieved a new night shirt and proceeded to wash my face and brush my teeth. I took a few deep breaths and then went to lay back in my bed.
I know that when I am sick, I don't want a lot of muss and fuss over me. It annoys me to no end. However, I long to have someone hold me when I feel my weakest. To kiss my forehead and tuck me into their arms. To know that if I wake up, they are still right there. I would have liked nothing more last night that to have Henry there for me. I know it was/is impossible at this time, but it would have been nice. I tried calling him, then texting him several times, hoping it would wake him up, because in that moment, all I needed was to hear his voice. I needed to hear him tell me I would be okay and that he wishes he could be here next to me. It didn't happen. I believe he had his phone off. He did call and check on me this morning. And I was very happy to hear his voice.
I've worked with Mom and her occupational therapist so far this morning/afternoon and I've made Mom lunch, and she ate all of it!! YAY!! She has been medicated and is settle in her own bed w a book and her tv on. I told her I needed to lay down again for a bit. We'll see how long this lasts. Dad is out for the afternoon, but will be back later.
Henry text and told me his mother is not well either... so it seems we have 2 households of sickly people. I sure hope it all passes VERY soon!!
I think I'm going to go see about looking at the back of my eyelids for an hour or so, granted Mom doesn't call and need something.

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